Nova Labs cannot work without people like you who actively help to keep the lab functioning and operational. We need you!

A great volunteer will have:

But where can you help? Start with sending an email to

A few options to thing about:

  1. Front Desk Team: A recommended starting place for brand new associates. Spend at least 2 months at the front desk.
  1. What are your skills? We often need signage, posters, t-shirts, and marketing materials. These can be done on the laser cutter, vinyl cutter, or in wood shop
  2. Assistant or Equipment steward.
  3. Area cleanup and roundups. These needs change, so contact us to learn where we are clearing out.
  4. Volunteering in the shops and area. I can put you in contact with the steward. Most of the projects are given to people after they get to know them a bit though.
  5. The events team is always in need of instructors and folks to do quick demonstrations, small, simple project classes, or area orientations. We also need help with marketing and getting the word out. Instructor Services is a great way for people with graphics, drawing, or writing experience to contribute.

2/22/2018: Several Nova Labs Wiki information maintainers needed: Looking for people who are somewhat knowledgeable with wiki pages to assist me with some ease of use changes I am making. This is not that hard, anyone with HTML or programming background could do it. You don't need to add the content, just need someone who can help me and the teams streamline and keep it maintained. Good remote work for someone who is looking for a role at the lab and has the skills needed and a willingness to learn. It's a great job for an intern actually, but alas I don't get a lot of interns with the right skills. Person needs to have availability now and the bandwidth to volunteer please. Contact us at

03/08/2018: Outreach team - really need people who are interested in joining an outreach team. We are looking for folks who are interested in actively helping the team, not just throwing ideas out there. If you have bandwidth, are willing to help with reaching out in various ways for marketing, connecting with external communities, making videos for YouTube on a regular basis, recording some of our classes for a YouTube channel, and generally helping us get our name out there in various ways, let use know. We are looking to involve and inspire some more makers and members to volunteer and participate in the making of the maker space, so new people are welcome. ^^^ Also, if you have experience doing marketing, writing content, doing SEO, copywriting, public relations, marketing project management, content pipelines, blogger outreach, etc we can use your help.

- Young maker instructors to develop and teach hands on maker classes for kids that foster independent projects and tool use in the Green and Yellow areas.

- Finance team members

Graphics Designers and Communications Specialists. Help with marketing flyers for our Maker Market and Artisan Fair and other Nova Labs events, as needed. Also, help with our annual Maker Faire and possibly social media and blog site.

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