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Important Policy and Guidance

Team Wiki Pages

Shops, passion groups, project groups and meetup groups are encouraged to share resources, files, and content. Start by adding an FAQ in your area for new people. Leaders, please encourage one of your participants to keep the content current and organize. —»>WIKI PAGES for SHOPS, AREAS, and MEETUP GROUPS

Visit us on Open Office nights in the woodshop


We are proud of our All volunteer leadership model. Find a leader and say thank you because they believe in making Making easier for you and me. They are totally human and they are often quite awesome!

NOTE: To lower the SPAM, we are shortening the email addresses. Add the to all the email addresses.

All directors may be reached at directors@ All Project Team Leaders may be reached at teamleads@ All Shop Stewards Team Leaders may be reached at shopstewards@ Each person listed ca be reached at



Forms, Graphics, Templates


How to Donate to Nova Labs

Monetary Donations contact:

For physical items You MUST have email approval from the Support Team.

  • DO NOT donate anything that you would have given to Goodwill or otherwise thrown away. We are not a recycling station or dump.
  • NO rusty, malfunctioning, excessively dirty, tools, supplies, etc. Please clean it before you bring it. If you wouldn't use it, neither would we.
  • Other Items we typically need: Any and all office supplies; pens, pencils, post-its, expo markers, notepads, paper towels, tape (masking, duct, electrical, scotch). Again, Please for your donation approval.
  • Books will go to freecycle. The makers MAY take some types of technical, DIY, maker magazines, how-to, maker skills, etc., but must check with Support Team first. Do not bring books that are musty or moldy, and please do not bring an entire stack! Let us know how many you plan to donate at one time.
  • Do not call, do not bring it over. Email first.

Resources for New Makers

Young Makers: Kids, Teens, STEM, Internships

NOTE: Also, see our Safety Policy in Important Documents section

Equipment Inventory

Facilities Management

Nova Labs 3.0

Nova Labs Press Coverage


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