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Storage Wall Using French Cleat Hangers



To create several wall mounted storage areas for tools, supplies, and other miscellanery that will be more flexible and versatile than fixed wooden shelves or pegboard.


  • Create a standard format for wall mounted storage used in the space.
  • Allow flexible use of wall space that can be reconfigured easily as needed to hang whiteboards, pegboards, light-to-medium weight shelves, tools, bins, boxes, and other items.
  • Create a system of smaller storage modules a system that will be portable and can be moved to any new space within Nova Labs or can be moved to any future space Nova Labs acquires


The design will be based on a french cleat, widely used by woodworkers for hanging cabinets and extended for use to hang other items.

An example of a garage storage system may be seen in this photo:

The system consists of a series of wall mounted cleats and several custome built attachments each of which includes a mating cleat.

These cleats securely mount the attachment onto the wall by the use of a 45 degree bevel cut in both pieces. The wall mounted cleat has the long side of the bevel facing away from the wall and the attachment has the corresponding long side of the bevel facing the wall.

The weight of the mounted item pulss the item down into the wall cleat and closer to the wall.

Two or more configurations are envisioned. For large wall spaces the cleats would be mounted about 12" to 24" or more apart to cover as much wall space as possible. For smaller areas, particularly above workbenches, the cleats would be mounted more closely together as close as 6" to 8" to give the most versatility in positioning items on the wall.




Comparison to other options

  • Pegboard - Large sheets of pegboard are an inexpensive wall storage option but the limited variety of commercially-available pegboard hooks and difficulty adapting other fixtrues (shelves, bins, etc) to pegboard make it less desirable. Pegboard storage solutions tend to adapt the storage to whatever commercial hooks are available.
  • Slatwall - Slatwall, commonly used in store fixtures is another option that shares some of pros and cons of pegboard. It is easy to cover large wall spaces and uses commercially produced attachment hooks.
  • Wooden Shelves - Inexpensive and easy to build but not adjustable. Easy to reinforce to hold heavy items.
  • Elfa Shelving - Modular but relatively expensive and requires commercially-produced attachments with limited variety.


The necessity to custom build all attachment accessories is both a strength and weakness of the proposed solution.

As a strength, each accessory can be customized for the needed application. Instead of using 10 pegboard hooks to hold 10 wrenches, a single took board can be made to hold the wrenches. This allows the wrenches to be taken as a set to the work and also more easily allows staff to see a missing wrench. With pegboard hooks it is easy to overlook an empty hook or easy to have a an empty hook go missing.

As a weakness, the need to custom make each accessory will require thought and effort. To work around this issue, some generic accessories such as hooks, flat shelves, or even small 24" x 24" pegboard panels can be made up front and custom tool holders added as separate woodworking projects.

Example Accessories

Tool Holders


pegboard panel & small parts bins

shelves and large storage bins

orbital sander tool holder

Bill of Materials (BOM)

obtained? qty Source Part # Price Description
no ? building supply $45.00 3/4" hardwood plywood
no ? building supply N/A $ wood screws
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