Nova Labs Environment



Bob C (enclosure, installation)

Travis G (suggestions and funding)


Display the real-time status of our makerspace on the web, including open/close and temperature


Allow the novalabs open/close status to be toggled via a mechanical interface at the space.

Show the current temperature in-space on the website. Provide ability to show this display anywhere else

Make all the aggregated data accessible and visible via the web



Latest project files are on Github


An arduino uno with two shields - ethernet and prototype. Connect light switch to prototype shield. Assemble system into a pretty enclosure and mount that mess on the wall near power and network jacks.


Arduino provides only open/closed status. Arduino firmware checks switch state twice every second. On a state change, send HTTP GET with author string and switch state integer.


For open/close status, a web server does the heavy lifting (logging, display status on website, tweet). When arduino calls PHP page (SetStatus.php), the switch state, author, and timestamp are logged in mysql db. SetStatus.php also tweets the status to @nova_labs_door. Another PHP page (CheckStatus.php) queries db and shows formatted status on website.

For thermostat interface, a cron job is run on the space's router at some interval (starting with once per minute) to get thermostat status on local network and push via GET request to webserver. DoThermostat.php receives the attributes and stores them in mysql database.


Add a big visual to see from road (such as the stop/walk LED sign in storage room)


2012/11/19 - installed system into enclosure. Thanks Bob! Walk/DontWalk sign is pending installation. The power supply started to smell when I turned it on the first time..

2012/10/22 - thermostat status is now pushed to webserver using router box

2012/09/16 - door status is now tweeted to @nova_labs_door

2012/08/04 - implemented basic functionality.

2012/07/28 - ordered ethernet shield from amazon


Original project from Hive13.

POC for original open/close project Paul at Hive13

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Bill of Materials (BOM)

Doesn't include some pin headers and crimps for connections.

obtained? qty Source Part # Price Description
yes 1 Home depot 100.00 Filtrete (Radio Thermostat) CT-30 Wifi digital thermostat
yes 1 Amazon B006H06TVG 22.00 Arduino Uno R3
yes 1 Amazon B006UT97FE 40.00 Ethernet Arduino shield R3
yes 1 Amazon B006SJR97Y 10.99 Arduino protoshield kit
yes 1 0.00 light switch
yes 1 0.00 3 conductor wire
yes 1 0.00 Ethernet cable
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