Project Name

CNC Router Build Group #1

Status: [Completed]


  • Jeff Balderson (Organizer)
  • R.S. (Participant)
  • O.S. (Participant)
  • S.N. (Participant)
  • J.Y. (Participant)
  • E.M. (Participant)
  • J.M. (Participant)


Lead a group build of a CNC router for personal use. Learn/share concepts of operation, tips and tricks.


  • Select a design
  • Develop BOM
  • Save costs through group order discounts
  • Order equipment
  • Build
  • Learn how to operate (in general, and this model specifically)


As a base design, we selected the Openbuilds OX.

The basic model has

  • outer dimensions of 500mm x 750mm x ~250mm (w x l x h, steppers will increase width by around 650-700mm)
  • cutting envelope of approximately 300mm x 500mm x 85mm
  • frame is composed of silver OpenBuilds V-Rail
  • 175oz NEMA 23 stepper motors for X/Y, 76oz Nema 17 stepper motors
  • belt drive for X/Y, ACME lead screw for Z.
  • Synthetos TinyG v8 motion controller
  • E-Stop to kill all power

Possible options for the build are:

  • Big OX; outer dimenions are 750mm x 1000mm x ~250mm; envelope is approximately 550mm x 750mm x 85mm
  • Black Rails
  • 425oz NEMA 23 steppers for X/Y



  • All equipment is ordered
  • Rails are cut to size, tapped and bundled for delivery
  • Steppers are tapped
  • Test plates have been cut out successfully
  • Complete prototype

To do

  • Receive some of the remaining parts (100%)
  • Cut plates (100%)
  • Deliver (100%)
  • Individual assembly (42% - I know three are functional, haven't received reports from the other four)
  • Test & calibration (42% - I know three are functional, haven't received reports from the other four)


Bill of Materials (BOM)

Supporting documents

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