Membership at Nova Labs

Pick up a membership packet during an event at Nova Labs and start your Maker Quest! It should consist of the following:

Membership Details

Membership Handout

Liability Waiver

Membership Levels


  • How to become an Attendee
    • Create account
    • Take Go: Green Safety Orientation
  • Privileges of being an Attendee
    • Automatic sign off on all green tools
    • The ability to take sign off classes

Associate Membership

  • How to become an Associate
    • Change Membership plan on account to Associate
    • Pay $50 monthly dues
    • Request key to the back at front desk
  • Privileges of being an Associate
    • Access to all tool resources at Nova Labs during open hours (some require training/orientation)
    • Access to the Shopsabre(Wood CNC), Matsuura (Metal CNC), and Banner Printer
    • Ability to teach classes and receive benefits

Full Membership

  • How to become a Key Member
    • Find a key member to sponsor you
    • Get voted on by the board
    • Change Membership plan on account to Full Member
    • Pay $100 monthly fee
  • Privileges of being a Key Member
    • Key to the front door(24x7 access)
    • Tote bag and storage bin in woodshop
    • email account
    • Ability to reserve meeting rooms for events
    • One family member free, all others $10 each

Why we need memberships

Our rent, utilities, supplies, activities, tools, materials - everything - is funded by membership dues and individual donations.

Without the support of our community, the Nova Labs space would not exist. You make this makerspace possible.

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