Key Member Responsibilities

Membership at Nova Labs is a very important role. Members keep the building security and the equipment safe and working. Members give input to policies and help enforce these policies.

Opening the lab to Associates

Opening the lab to the community

Key members are responsible for opening the lab for Associates. This is a judgement call and is not mandatory each time a member uses the lab. Opening the lab does not make the Key Member responsible for knowing exactly what an Associate is doing. It is a courtesy and is an accepted role when someone becomes a member.

When the front desk volunteers are not available or not on duty, members keep an eye on the door if propped open. The doors should not be propped open if someone is not able to monitor the door reasonably well.

When letting someone into the lab that you do not know, ask if the person is an associate. If they are not an associate, then they are not permitted to use the lab in an unsupervised manner. They must be attending an event, be the guest of a member who is present, or purchase a day pass. Day pass holder are allowed independent use of tools upon which they have safety training and to the Orange Bay.

Front desk volunteers or Key Members are must open the lab to Associates weekdays from 5:30pm - 8:30pm and weekend from 1pm - 4pm.

Turn on front door status switch

If a front desk volunteer is not available: A Key Member must ensure the switch is set to Green from 5:30pm to 8:30pm on weekdays and from 1-4pm on Weekends. A Key Member must ensure the status switch is set to Red at 8:30pm

Perform Exit Procedures

Associates and non-members should never be in the building without at least one Key member present. When very few Key Members are present, they should be aware of each other. Upon leaving, tell the remaining Key Member that they are the last and you are leaving and if you are aware of any remaining individuals. If you are the last remaining Key Member, give associates a reasonable heads up that you will be leaving soon so they can finish up their projects. Associates should be courteous enough not to put the Key Member into an uncomfortable position. Stating a job late at night on the laser cutter or 3d printer is not courteous. Leaving a machine actively running job overnight is not permitted.

Key Members are responsible for checking the building doors are secure and equipment is turned off prior to exiting when they are the last Key Member in the building. Verify all backdoors are locked. Verify front door lock engages upon exit.

A current exit checklist is posted to the left of the front door. Members must read and follow the checklist when they are the last Key member in the building.

The role of a Sponsor at Nova Labs is to guide Associates to becoming a Member. A Sponsor is a Member themselves, and usually shares similar hobby interests with their Associate(s). A Associate might ask their Sponsor to let them into the space, train or clean the Associate on certain machine tools, or discover how to get involved in a particular group. A Member must volunteer to be your Sponsor – they are not assigned. It is the Associate's responsibility to approach a Member for sponsorship; just ask!

Conduct Ad-Hoc Tours

There are several ways you can get an initial free tour. Members should advise folks wanting a tour to come to the monthly group tour which introduces them to the idea of learning together and doing together which is the key to making. We have demonstrations and they can stick around and get lots of attention and ask questions afterwards. However, visitors can also come in during our evening hours and get a tour from the front desk volunteers or a member. ere See Tables 2-1 for details. Entry level membership to Nova Labs. After an Attendee decides they like the Nova Labs community, they give back by becoming an Associate. As an Associate, you will discover the Groups within Nova Labs, the knowledge and talent base, along with how we operate as a community. This is for the casual or serious Maker who wants to step up their game and Rediscover the Joy of Making Things!

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