Our membership policy has been approved by the board and is listed on the Main Page of the Wiki under "Important Documents". This FAQ details our operational procedures that support our membership and safety policies. These processes do not constitute board approved policies, but are operational and can be updated. Where conflicts exist, the membership and safety policies override these procedures.

Membership Responsibilities

Other Special Membership Categories

Other special membership categories exist, but are specific to the situation. These are approved and awarded by the board. Some examples include: Life membership, Donor memberships, Alumni. Alumni are are not members; however, these former members may be reinstated without board approval.

Nominating Someone for Key Membership

To qualify as a (Full) Member, makers show how they constructively add to the Nova Labs community. -Make things! Help others with their projects. -Share your knowledge by leading classes. Provide training & mentoring. -Commit some time and money (dues) to support the community!

SPONSORSHIP Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Do not take sponsorship lightly. Your responsibility to the community is serious!
  2. Get to KNOW the person FIRST. We are trusting you to know if they will work out and will volunteer and contribute.
  3. Show the maker the ropes. Show them the wiki. They should NOT be confused by the time you nominate them.
  4. Introduce the maker to the key people who can answer their process questions.
  5. Verify the maker has a documented GO.
  6. Help them get their 5 hours of volunteer service completed.


Please use this form: https://www.nova-labs.org/key-member-nomination/.

How do I apply for Family Membership

The Key Member must follow the process for sponsoring a Key Member above.

Do members get free equipment sign offs?

No. Extremely active volunteers may be offered the opportunity to fill a seat that is vacant or step in for a noshow. However, our community feel strongly that favoritism should not be encouraged. Instructors may allow people into their classes, but the sign off not be documented and it is therefore a code of conduct violation for that person to use the equipment. ALL exceptions must be coordinated with the steward, events coordinator, and the membership services team lead.

How do I cancel my own membership?

Associates and Members must terminate membership charges themselves by following the instructions below. Unsubscribe from Slack and from the email lists. If you need assistance email membership@nova-labs.org. However ONLY YOU can stop the credit card payment!!!

  1. Login to nova-labs.org
  2. Click on My Accounts
  3. Select the Accounting tab
  4. Under Membership Plan, select the radio button for Attendee ($0)
  5. Click on Update Membership Information
  6. Logout

Key Membership can be stopped by using the above instructions. However, key members are required to also send an email to membership@nova-labs.org to ensure full termination of all services. We will stop all the additional email and slack messages.

Access token/Key Fob: How do I issue one?

Every Key Member should be able to issue an access token to someone when the front desk is not, urhm, personed. This is one of the "Key" reasons, only Key Members are permitted behind the front desk.

  1. Open the silver cabinet draw behind the front desk.
  2. Take a key out of the key fob basket o' blank key fobs OR the white box o blank key cards
  3. Email the access token's number of it to membership@nova-labs.org (helpdesk)
  4. For replacement tokens, include a statement that it is a replacement so previous token is disabled

Day Pass: How do I issue one?

Any Key Member may issue a Day Pass.

  • Open the MemberDirectory app bookmark on the front desk kiosk
  • Search for the person's name or email addresses
  • Veryify they have attended GO
  • Get them to pay by cash or credit card (donate button on our website via their phone or incognito window on the kiosk. Mark either transaction with "Day Pass" please.
  • Open silver cabinet draw behind the front desk
  • Issue a Day Pass token (labeled)
  • The Day Pass Log is in the drawer, have the maker fill it out and note the token number on it
  • Safety note: Tell them not to wear it while using a machine that could pull them in
  • Tell them to return it by placing it at the front desk when leaving

Incubator Employees

- Incubator is their sponsor, point of contact and responsible for ensuring that all have received Green training and are onboarded. - The pricing and structure for the Incubator access is the same as Family Membership - First employee is free, 2nd+ is $10 - Because the tenant/member was vetted, the additional employees do not come before the board for a vote.

Room Reservations for private meetings

A key-member only benefit is the ability to reserve any sized room for a private meeting. Frequency should be reasonable. Reasonable is undefined, is based on common sense, and is at the discretion of the events team. The goal is to say yes to your request unless it interferes with other events or makers.

- Reservations: events@nova-labs.org - Key members may also use the room if it is unscheduled without a reservation, however, a reservation must take priority. Please check the schedule (including the calendar notes), before using a room. - If asked to leave a room that you do not have reserved, please exit graciously.

Key Member Bin Guidelines

You are eligible for a storage tote in the Key Member storage area. Get an approved tote and label from Membership Services. The small totes are $10 each and remain your property. The large totes in paid storage are very $30 (if purchase) and free (property of Nova Labs). Special temporary storage for ACTIVE projects is also available for larger items in the facilities cage. Always follow the content, safety, and cage storage guidelines.

Given the limited space in the makerspace, the benefit of having a free storage bin is a significant Key Member benefit. Only one bin is permitted per Key Member. We ask that members only request a bin if it is genuinely of use. Many people put things in the bins and then leave them there untouched, this is not an appropriate use of this valuable resource because the bins are very expensive.

Only the Nova Labs provided bin will be used. In order to ensure uniformity and effective space management, member bins are uniform in size, color, and labeling. Labels include name and emergency contact. This bin remains the property of Nova Labs, thus member may not remove it from the lab or take it with them when they are no longer Key members. If you are no longer a key member, please remove you items from the bin within one month from your resignation or items will be dispositioned at the discretion of the Hospitality and Services team.

Respect for member bins is a major community value. Do not open or access another member’s bin without their express permission. Do not block access to the bins. Do not store items outside or on top of member bins. Do not store hazard items or items with strong odor.

Having a bin in the member storage area, is a convenience, not a guarantee of security. For added security, members may place a lock on the bin for added security. This practice is usually not necessary since valuable should not be stored in the bins and the lock can be inconvenient. If a lock is placed on the bin, please make sure you remove it if you resign as a Key Member.

A Operations Services team member will provide, to any key member who wants, it a single bin and printed label with logo and space for name and contact. Self service acquisition is undesirable in this case. The bin (but not contents) remains the property of Nova Labs.

In the member bin area, each member gets the inside of a single bin and a few inches on top. The bin shelves are reserved exclusively for bins. Empty space is good. Clutter is bad.

The member storage area may include bins for organized programs, teams, or meetups. This is done only with permission from the Hospitality and Services team. Storage of other items may be coordinated with operations services lead or facilities lead. Do not store items in any area of the lab beyond 3 days without permission or outside of designated locations. The Operations Services team are empowered to relocate items left at the lab, though every effort will be made of find the owner. A good best practice is to label any item left to dry or for temporary storage, even with permission. Give a date when it was left and when it will be picked up and your contact information.

Operations Services team members may move and open bins if necessary to keep order or determine if hazardous materials are stored, or determine if the bin has been abandoned.

Personal Tool Usage

Current Policy:

Personal shop tools can be used at the discretion of Lead Steward in NL shops. Examples of possible reasons: unavailable tools in N shop, higher quality tool needed for project, extra tools for classes, etc.

“Bench” tools (i.e. Table saw or drill press) are permitted only with explicit two-deep approval. Tools which violate safety policy are NOT permitted. User must have NL sign off for any tool used in shop. Unclassified tools must be reviewed with Lead Steward before use. Attendees are not allowed to bring their own tools.

Examples of generally accepted tools:

Drills/drivers Air guns/nailers Circular saws Dremels and accessories Solder irons Hand tools, wrenches Utility knives

Examples of explicit permissions: Jobsite saws for plastics work Angle grinders & power carving Chain saws Welders & torches Forges

Proposed New Policy, with Spreadsheet:

  1. Use of Red and Yellow power tools are a key member benefit based on the circle of trust that level has innately
  2. Lead Stewards may give permission for personal Red and Yellow tool use
  3. Use in classes are OK as long as the lead steward is OK with it
  4. Personal Green tools are OK for everyone.
  5. People who meet the above criteria still have to be signed off or supervised of the Nova Labs equivalent tool which includes the Green tools


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