A reminder that there is an Operational Leaders meeting on 5/11/2020 at 7:30. I have not heard back on agenda items except from Aaron and Paul. So I hope everyone does not mind if I take the initiative to help in this regard. Leaders = ALL of the operations teams and programs. ALL stewards, project leads, etc are requested/expected/begged to make the time to attend the meetings so we can work together. Please. We all care deeply about the community as a whole, not just our own areas. Let's work together as one team.


Access Control updates (Bob C.) 15 minutes Leadership updates in their areas (what have you been working on in operations (10min) PPE Program update (Jeanne and Margie) (5 minutes) Other small requests and questions from Leaders (5 minutes) 3d Printer Steward Major Capital Expenditure Request (please review the proposal BEFORE the meeting that I sent via email and which I will try to post here in my next work break). (Paul Chase) (30 minutes) Phased reopening, tasking and action items/updates from project leaders including Covid safety plans (Please read the plan posted by the board) (15 minutes) 1930 Annex Project - update, etc (30 minutes) 1916 Renovation Project - board to let us know of their decision made at their weekly board working meeting (2 hours? Excellent teamwork and team coaching begged for please)

Note: during my next break, I will post links to all supporting materials and plans onto our team collaboration workspace (AKA the Wiki)

Meeting Documents

Documents for the upcoming meeting. Requires permission Navigate to 2020 Meetings→April Meetings

Documents from the last meeting. Requires permission

Link to Team Drive

Note: Only members of the Leadership Team has access to the team drive. Leaders may download and share documents with their teams at their discretion. This is an abundance of caution since some documents in the drive may contain content that is not public releasable to any but board officers or board appointed leaders. All team leads are given full rights to the entire drive.

Preparation of Nova Labs Annex Opening

Preparation of 1930 for opening

  1. Annex Policy - Project leader - Jennyfer
  • Annex Front Entry Design - Project Leader - Fabiana

1916 Space Optimization

Online Instruction Setup and Delivery

Nova Labs’ PPE Initiatives

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