Shop/Area Steward Leaders and Project Team Leaders are nominated by the body of Team Leaders on behalf of the Nova Labs membership who consider their demonstrated leadership experience. The leadership bio is forwarded to the board for approval.

  1. These leaders act as the focal point and day-to-day operations leader and resource manager in their area of responsibility.
  2. Each leader has a budget and max spending limit.
  3. Since no one can do this alone without going insane, this leader selects one assistant steward and many equipment/zone stewards as needed.
  4. Shop/Area stewards also approve sign off class instructors and work with the Education team and Safety team to establish education standards and safety policies.
  5. Shop stewards are required to attend Stewardscon and perform stewardship duties regularly to retain the position.
Role Leader Assistant
Operations Services Jennyfer Peterson Vacant
Entrepreneurship Leader Fred Briggs Bo Wernick
Education Lead Vacant Vacant
Outreach Team Leader Jeanne Marshall Vacant
Youth Team Leader Fabiana Cesa Vacant
Safety Team Leader Patrick Thompson Nick Ferraro
Steward of Stewards Shane Smith Bradley Matthews
Woodshop Steward Doug Calvert (interim) Brian Kidwell
CNC Steward Aaron Goldstein Daniel Schneider
Metalshop Steward Frank Hum Vacant
Blacksmith Area Steward Patrick Marstall Vacant
Laser Lab Steward Patrick Thompson Vacant
Crafters Cove Steward Carrie Hafer Jeff Chanesman
Wet Lab and Shop Classroom Siobhan Williams Vacant
Plastics and Composites Area Steward Steve Fritzinger Vacant
3d Printer Steward Paul Chase Sean Conlon & John Link
Green Bay Steward vacant Vacant
Form3 3d Printer Fred Briggs Leighton Carden

Meeting Minutes

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Leaders Meeting Minutes

Mar 2020

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