About the Woodworking Group

Nova Labs' Woodworking group is focused on; the proper and safe use of equipment; sharing woodworking knowledge; and making items from wood.

Wood Shop Hours

If you're just getting started, and want to ease into the Woodshop, why not try some "office hours"? Woodshop office hours are:

During office hours the Woodshop will have one or more volunteers who can help you with your project. If you're just getting started come in with some ideas for projects. These can be really simpleā€¦ like fixing something around the house. Here are a few examples of how people use office hours:

  • "I want to build a scale dollhouse. What do I need to know?"
  • "I just got certified to use the bandsaw, but I'd like to get in some practice when someone else is here."
  • "I have this broken doll furniture. Can you either help me fix it, or show me how?"
  • "I need to cut this piece of wood,and don't want to cut myself. Can you help me?"

Wood Shop Leadership

Frank Sogandares - Lead Steward ?? - Assistant Steward

Wood Shop Electric Tools

Equipment and Tools present in the woodshop: Tool list

Handheld Power Tools


  1. Drill/Driver (GREEN)
  2. Random Orbital Sander (GREEN)


  1. Angle Grinder (YELLOW)
  2. Belt Sander (YELLOW)
  3. Jigsaw (YELLOW)
  4. Power Planer (YELLOW)
  5. Sawzall/Reciprocating Saw (YELLOW)


  1. Circular saw (RED)
  2. Router (RED)

Stationary Machinery and Benchtop Power Tools (GREEN)

  1. (none)


  1. Drill Presses (YELLOW)
  2. Grinders (Rikon Slow-Seed Grinder) (YELLOW)
  3. Sanders (Belt, Oscillating) (YELLOW)
  4. Scroll Saw (YELLOW)


  1. Band Saws (RED)
  2. Jointer (RED)
  3. Lathe (RED)
  4. Miter Saw (Hitachi, Delta) (RED)
  5. Router Table (RED)
  6. Table Saw (Sawstop) (RED)
  7. Thickness Planer (RED)

Woodworking Class Materials

- Handheld Power Tools (Circular Saw, Jigsaw, Router, Random Orbit Sander) Safety and Basic Usage Class

  1. * Ordered List Item

- Woodshop Safety and Basic Usage Class (Red) - Inactive Class

- Misc. Tools

- Bandsaw Safety (Powerpoint)

Router Safety Sign Off Class Read-Aheads

Wood Lathe Safety (Red)

Table Saw

Project Classes

Skills Classes

Wood Shop Safety Resources from around the web

Baylor University Wood shop Manual http://www.baylor.edu/ehs/doc.php/228017.pdf

Additional Resources

* Local Lumber Sources

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