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Handheld Power Tools


  1. Drill/Driver (GREEN)
  2. Random Orbital Sander (GREEN)


  1. Angle Grinder (YELLOW)
  2. Belt Sander (YELLOW)
  3. Jigsaw (YELLOW)
  4. Power Planer (YELLOW)
  5. Sawzall/Reciprocating Saw (YELLOW)


  1. Circular saw (RED)
  2. Router (RED)

Stationary Machinery and Benchtop Power Tools (GREEN)

  1. (none)


  1. Drill Presses (YELLOW)
  2. Grinders (Rikon Slow-Seed Grinder) (YELLOW)
  3. Sanders (Belt, Oscillating) (YELLOW)
  4. Scroll Saw (YELLOW)


  1. Band Saws (RED)
  2. Jointer (RED)
  3. Lathe (RED)
  4. Miter Saw (Hitachi, Delta) (RED)
  5. Router Table (RED)
  6. Table Saw (Sawstop) (RED)
  7. Thickness Planer (RED)
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