Maker Programs for Teens and Kids AT NOVA LABS

Kids from about age 8 through teens will find lots of resources at the lab. We encourage to think about how to fit into the maker movement rather than bounce from class to class. Come in and talk to Jennyfer Peterson (STEM Coordinator) about your kid's projects. If they don't have one, then focus on helping them find one. We can help.

Younger kids are welcome on tours and in the Orange Bay and classrooms. Kids can also participate in Green Bay activities in the woodshop if they are ACTIVELY supervised. Kids under 16 are only permitted in the woodshop if they are participating in a supervised activity. Parents should not have kids in the woodshop while working because it puts both the kids and the lab at risk. Please honor this request so we may all feel comfortable in the makerspace.

Kids are welcome —» for Green Bay Thursdays and

—»> STEM mentors and teacher: Contact us if you'd like to help with our kid's programs.

Kids can usually take any class at the lab with parental permission and active supervision. Most classes are appropriate for kids over 8. We do not permit drop-offs of kids under age 12. Kids under 16 are not permitted at ANY time in the Shops without a parent of supervising adult. Instructors are not considered supervising adults since they are not attending to the safety of your child specifically. With parental and instructor permission, kids can take safety training classes; however, they must be signed up separately in meetup and have separate account on Because if they are not old enough to have a separate account, then they are not old enough to use the equipment.

—> The minimum age for associate membership at Nova Labs is 16.

* Workshops Targeted for young makers - Classes or events marked STEM4Makers are specifically targeted for kids.

* Ongoing workshops for all ages - Young Maker Project Meetup

* Past Events - Great events we'd like to do again if only we had volunteers to help.

* How to Make a Young Maker - Making a Maker that can make

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