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Steward: Zack Borschuk,

ShopSabre CNC 101 Class Page

May I cut aluminum or brass on the ShopSabre?

While aluminum and brass are able to be cut on the ShopSabre, due to the increased challenges doing so creates, we ask that you only do so with assistance from either Zack Borschuk or Sam Winkelstein.

May I cut composites on the ShopSabre?

There are many known risks when milling carbon fiber and other composites. Because of those risks, our stewards have researched and documented a safety procedure regarding the milling of carbon fiber to mitigate the risks to the equipment and all the individuals in and around the shop and other makerspace areas. Please be extremely careful to follow this protocol and take everyone's safety into consideration. If you're unsure of any of the steps below, or just want an extra eye, please, don't hesitate to contact the steward for assistance.

Here is the steward-approved procedure:

  1. All individuals using the machine as well as all those in the woodshop MUST wear dust masks or respirators.
  2. The dust shoe must be used during the milling.
  3. The individual cutting the carbon fiber MUST vacuum the workpiece DURING and AFTER cutting, prior to moving the piece in order to remove the dust.
  4. a. The large dust collector in the woodshop is NOT to be used for this, it does not have the appropriate filtration for this. (as a side note, this also holds true for MDF, and metal.)
  5. After milling is complete, ALL surfaces including any spoil boards, the spindle, table, clamps as well as the dust shoe MUST be vacuumed thoroughly.
  6. After vacuuming, the vacuum must be emptied outside in the dumpster and the vacuum wiped down with a wet rag. If it is a bagless vacuum, the inside of the vacuum must also be wiped down with a wet rag. If it is a bagged vacuum, please dispose of the bag in the dumpster and PROPERLY replace the bag AFTER wiping the vacuum down.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Do not remove your respirators until the waste is disposed of and the vacuum is wiped down. Many inhalation accidents happen when someone lets down their guard after the "active" part of the activity is over.

Note: Please feel free to let the CNC steward know about any concerns or improvements you feel could be made to this process. Once the new dust collection system is in place, this will be even easier as the system has a filter capable of handling this kind of dust.

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