Robotics Meetup and Courses

Welcome to the Nova Labs Robotics Group! We host the monthly DMV Robotics and Automation Meetup, offer the Robotics 101 course, and organize robotics competitions.

DMV Robotics Meetup

The DC/MD/VA Robotics and Automation Meetup Group consists of robotics professionals and hobbyists interested in sharing our experiences and learning more about the state-of-the-art in robotics. We've merged into Nova Labs and now schedule our events on the NOVA-Makers meetup page that is run by NOVA Labs. Each month, on the 3rd Saturday, we meet as a group to share presentations by our members on projects that they have in work. We also discuss projects that we may work on together in the future and may have tutorials, hands-on workshops, or other presentations.

For more details, see our old DMV Robotics Meetup site at: or look for our current meetups on the NOVA-Makers Calendar

Group Projects

Robotics Courses

Our Robotics 101 course is an eight session build group format training course leveraging the Robotics Shield Kit (for Arduino)from Parallax. The course roughly follows the outline of the Parallax's free, online tutorial found at:

  • Chapter 1. Your Shield-Bot's Brain
  • Chapter 2. Shield, Lights, Servo Motors
  • Chapter 3. Assemble and Test your BOE Shield-Bot
  • Chapter 4. BOE Shield-Bot Navigation
  • Chapter 5. Tactile Navigation with Whiskers
  • Chapter 6. Light-Sensitive Navigation with Phototransistors
  • Chapter 7. Navigating with Infrared Headlights
  • Chapter 8. Robot Control with Distance Detection

Each session starts with a brief lecture from one of our instructors covering a chapter of the tutorial followed by a hands-on working session where you will complete the exercises listed in the tutorial. Instructors are available to provide assistance or additional information. Check us out frequently for new course offerings.

The next course begins on Wednesday, October 18th. For details see the meetup announcement at:

Robotics Competitions

We hold monthly competitions using the Boe Bot robot built in the Robotics 101 course.

Check us out frequently for competition details.

FPV Aerial Racing

We are working with DC DUG to put together a series of events focused on First Person View (FPV) racing. This will include build groups, training, and flying events.

Check out the dedicated page to learn more about fpv.

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