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Monthly Meetup for Network Engineering professionals or anyone interested in Cisco/Juniper/routers/switches/vpn/firewalls/any infrastructure that forwards packets. Open to all skill levels: Network+, CCENT/CCNA/CCNP/CCIE, JNCIA/JNCIS/JNCIP/JNCIE, and all points above, below, and in between. Bring your laptop to the meetup.

Virtual Lab Options

  • Packet Tracer
  • GNS3 / Dynagen / Dynamips
  • VMWare
  • Cisco VIRL
  • Cisco CML ←for example only


GNS3 is a GUI topology builder for dynagen + dynamips with support. For example, you can have 12 devices running concurrently on a 4 core AMD processor with 8G ram (2010-ish) for your lab studies. Source:

GNS3 also supports a variety of other topology testing such as:

  • Wireshark sniffing of topology links
  • Connectivity of topology to other things
  • Physical interfaces
  • Vmware
  • Virtual Box
  • KVM/qemu
  • Minimal Layer 2 capabilities


  • Unordered List ItemNANOG 64 just wrapped up and they seem to be putting their conference talks on youtube now.
  • Cisco Design Zone
  • Cisco IOS Configuration Guides
  • Youtube is full of this stuff
  • INE CCNA (may be old?)
  • CCNA Kickstarter guy
  • IPExpert
  • Cisco Live Archive
  • NANOG Presentation Archive
  • ←archive of hacker con presentations
  • Security Weekly (formerly Pauldotcom)
  • GNS3 forums
  • INE forums
  • Cisco community support forums
  • /r/networking
  • /r/cisco
  • INE blog
  • Packet Pushers blog/podcast
  • Ivan Pepelnjak’s blog
  • NANOG email list
  • Cisco NSP email list
  • Juniper NSP email list
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