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Nova-Labs Laser Cutters

Laser Materials (What's OK / NOT OK to Cut)


Laser 101 - Basic Laser Safety Sign-Off Class

Laser 102 - Advanced Techniques

Laser 103 - Exotic Materials

Laser 103 EVA Foam, Glass & Mirrors, Stone & Ceramic, Cork, Paper & Cloth, Laser Ink (TO BE UPLOADED)

Laser 104 - Rotary Tool Sign-Off Class

Laser 105 - Ink Stamps

Laser 201 Advanced Software Techniques & Test Cards

Laser 300 Series - Advanced Projects

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Sources of Supply

Places to buy materials: Project Material Sources

* Wood Sheet Material

  • In the lumber business, thicknesses under roughly 1/8" are considered 'veneer', sizes above that and under about an inch considered 'thin lumber'. So searching for 'hardwood thin lumber' is a productive way to find new sources online, like:
  • Coroplast Sheet Material
    • White or colored plastic corrugated sheet used for road side signs (political/real estate, etc). Can be cut on laser or CNC.
    • Signs by Tomorrow in Sterling stocks 3/16" thick and can order 1/4" thick sheets in 4' x 8' size
  • Acrylic Sheet Material

Price snapshot as of 1/23/2020 for 3/16" Clear Acrylic

Vendor Website Cost/sqft (incl shipping) Size Note
delvies plastic $5.83 24x24
amazon $7.83 24x24 (free prime shipping, so no minimum purchase)
us plastics $7.17 24x24 Located in Ohio so faster shipping times, but shipping tends to be higher
GlasPlex LLC $6.16 24x36
home depot $7.47 36x30 (1/4") no 3/16 available
inventables $12.33 18x24 (1/4") no 3/16 available
e-plastics $5.47 24x48 West coast so longer shipping times, but more reasonable shipping costs and custom cutting.
ABC Glass & Mirror (Manassas) $7.00 24x36 (1/4") 1/8 and 1/4" in stock, lead time 2 bus. days for cuts
McMaster $7.00 - Wide Selection and Fast Shipping
Johnson Plastics - $7.00 Wide Selection and Fast Shipping
  • Pricing assumes the purchase of at least 2 sheets worth of material (64 square feet)

Useful Links

Other hackerspace/makerspace references

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