The Green Way

The Green Way is located in the front entry of the metal and woodshops. Generally, most tools in the Green Way do not require certification. However, some tools are power tools or work best if the proper techniques are used. Ask for help from the equipment stewards if needed.

General descriptions of areas

It is the home for our safety equipment. Safety equipment is required whenever the shop you are entering is active.

This is also the home of our flamables cabinet and hand tools.

Notes: The Green Way is the commons area of the shop. It's between the woodshop and the metalshop. It is a shared workspace that houses the handtools, worktables, safety equipment, and small power tools. It's also got various other tools like air bushing equipment, tool sharpening tools, etc. It houses the stained glass tools also since those cannot be done up in the Arts and Crafts area. The Green Way is a really great place to start working with small tools like dremels, hand routers, metal engraving, metal jewelry.

Hand Tools List

  • hand-held dremel tools: including several hundred sanding drums, rotary brushes, cutoff wheels, and other accessories like the flexible drive shaft
  • handsaws: flush-cutting, hack, miter, keyhole and reglar old hand-operated crosscut saw
  • hammers: if it doesn't fit the first time, you just need to be more persuasive. Try a hammer.
  • screwdrivers: literally, we have pounds of Philips and slot screwdrivers.
  • wrenches: metric and SAE, ranging from ~3/8" to ~1", and 3mm to ~ 18mm
  • sockets: metric and SAE
  • driver-bits: slot, philips, torx, square and one, lonesome anti-vandal driver bit
  • wood chisels
  • cold-chisels
  • tape: a large box of many types and rolls
  • hand planes and scrapers
  • files:
  • master-keys: most people call these "bolt cutters", but they are sometimes useful for gaining entry when a key cannot be found
  • pliers
  • crimping tools
  • drill bits: many sizes and shapes (but no countersinks yet!)
  • wood clamps: many size, shapes, styles
  • carpenters measuring tools: tape measures, squares, straightedges, marking tools, bevel-gauges
  • cordless drills and drivers
  • paint scrapers, putty/filler spreaders
  • paint rollers and covers, trays to accompany rollers
  • wood glue
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