Field-Programmable Gate Arrays are an important component of modern electronics. This group is dedicated to learning about FPGAs, how to design/program them, how to debug them, and how to apply them to solve real-world problems.

Study Group Details

The group meets on alternating Wednesday's at Nova Labs.

Development Board

    • Atmel ATMEGA32u4 microcontroller and bootloader (Specifically, the 1318E/1J5802-1) used for configuring the FPGA, USB communications, and reading the analog pins.
    • Arduino compatible bootloader allowing you to easily program the microcontroller as well
    • On board flash memory to store the FPGA configuration file
    • 84 digital IO pins
    • 8 analog inputs
    • 8 general purpose LEDs
    • 1 reset button
    • 1 LED to show when the FPGA is correctly configured
    • On board voltage regulation that can handle 4.8V - 12V

Primary Development Tools

Misc Tools & Applications


Other Useful FPGA Information


Development Boards

Cores / Modules / IP

  • Open Cores – OpenCores is the world’s largest site/community for development of hardware IP cores as open source.




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