“Do-It-Yourself Biology, or DIYbio, is a global movement spreading the use of biotechnology beyond traditional academic and industrial institutions and into the lay public. Practitioners include a broad mix of amateurs, enthusiasts, students, and trained scientists, some of whom focus their efforts on using the technology to create art, to explore genetics, or simply to tinker. Others believe DIYbio can inspire a generation of bioengineers to discover new medicines, customize crops to feed the world’s exploding population, harness microbes to sequester carbon, solve the energy crisis, or even grow our next building materials.” Source: Woodrow Wilson Center Report “Seven Myths and Realities about DIYbio”

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Equipment Wish List

  • Microvolume Spectrometer
  • Microscope
    • Jeff has 3
  • Freezer
  • Lab Glassware
  • Portable Clean Room/Wet Lab

Lesson/Training Wish List

Planning biotech classes in genetic sequencing and identification; EEG/EMG auduino shield

Current Group Project Priority List

• DIY Nanodrop (DNA Spectrophotometer )

• Urban Microbiome

• Brain-Machine Interface: prosthetic arm project

• DIY BioPrinter

Online Tutorials and Reference


* to be added later

Getting Started

* Attend our Meetup, meet, and collaborate.

  • A growing community for those interested in DIYbio, citizen science, biotechnology, bio-engineering and bio-med.
  • Add your interest in tech developing, programming, and maker-tech to solving, learning, and experimenting in biology, genetics, and biomes.

- Do you have a DIYbio experiment in mind? Need help/advise/lab?

- Do you have a presentation/talk/video of your project?

—>We've established teams to work on key areas. See our current group projects below.

* We are excited at the fantastic mix of both beginner and experienced biotech and other scientists as well as beginner to experienced technical makers.

* NOT all of the projects planned involve technology though.

Intro to DIYbio

Branches of Biology

Software List

  • To be added later

Useful Web Resources

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