Crafters Cove lives in a section of Orange Bay.

About Crafters Cove:

We have responsibility for several small sub-sections housed elsewhere. Basically - specialty tools or tools that need to remain clean and good condition for crafting or art needs. Some items that you would have at home and items that don't quite fit into the other shop areas - but makers of all kinds find that they need once in a while.

This is where you find a wide variety of tools and equipment to support your creative maker needs. We also support a semi-weekly meetup of artists and crafters called Makers Circle & Art Lab, which also acts as our Open Office Hours. Crafters Cove is accessible to all Associates & Key members of Nova Labs, Attendees and Guests may use tools with supervision. We do have a few tools that require sign offs, and if you are unsure about HOW to use a tool - please ask. Otherwise many fine tools are considered GREEN, so feel free to explore.

Crafters Cove Stewards & Instructors:

Steward: Carrie Hafer

Assistant: Jeff Chanesman

Sign Off Instructors:

  • Embroidery Machines (Jeff Chanesman & Erickson Foster)
  • Silhouettes (Laura Young, Fabiana Cesa, Susie Parsons)
  • Heat Press (Zach Borschuk, Patrick Thompson, Susie Parsons)
  • US Cutter - LG vinyl cutter - (Zach Borschuk, Patrick Thompson)
  • Stained Glass Cabinet (Margie Foster, Shane Smith, Carrie H)
  • Jewelry Soldering Tools (Margie Foster)

Other Instructors & Generally Helpful People:

  • General Sewing Machines - Sally Bayers, Kathy McCabe, Jeff C, Carrie H, Lieselot Whitbeck, Joshua Capehart, Amanda Walker and various people at Open Fri hours.
  • Jewelry Stuff - Carrie H, Steve M, Margie F
  • Silhouette Cameo - Laura Y, Jeff C, Carrie, Susie P, Patrick T
  • Stained Glass - Shane Smith, Lauren Capehart, Margie Foster
  • Airbrush tools - Rachel Berkhahn
  • Silk Screen - Lauren C, Dana Yang

Crafters Cove Events & Classes

Crafters Cove hosts / supports:

  • Makers Circle & Art Lab (MC&AL), an open hours Friday event designed to allow lots of "low tech" making and art happen - bring your UFOs, your dinner and hang out. It's very social.
  • MC&AL group booth at Maker Faire NOVA.
  • Cosplay events, costuming and holiday decoration building.
  • Cardboard Boat Regatta & parade Float construction, please ask before trying to store it here. As there is limited space.
  • Board / card game design prototyping as well as Larping & theater set props.
  • Stash Exchange / De-Stashing Party - where crafters bring in their unwanted items to swap, buy, and sell. Well ok it's mostly a swap.

Beyond the sign off classes our classes in the Past & Present have included:

Sewing Machine Basics, Hand Sewing, T-Shirt design (vinyl cutter & heat press), Machine Embroidery, Ukranian Egg decorating, Polymer Clay, Soap Making, Drop Spindle spinning, Video editing, Paper flowers, Sewing an Apron, Wire Wrapping Basics, Junk to Jewelry, Costume clinic, Leather Tooling, Glass ornaments & suncatchers, Introduction to Lapidary & Rock hounding, Lapidary Slab Cutting and Cab making, Rock tumbling & polishing, Intro to Stained Glass, Pour & Dump Painting, Crochet Critters, Quilted Drink Coasters, Image Transfer, Glass Etching, LED clothing

Classes in the Future are determined by what people are interested in teaching, sign off needs, and what we hear our community asking for. If you have a class idea - let us know and we will do our best to support you. But if you want to go it alone that's cool too, we love independent thinkers.

Crafters Cove Uses & Support

Because making spans many skill sets, frequently makers in one area need a wide variety of tools or skills in order to complete their projects. Also creative makers may not find tools they need in the bigger / dedicated shop areas. Sometimes they need the same tools - but cleaner, or more accesible.

So in Crafters Cove we have tools that fit into different areas of need - some of these tools are listed below - and we are working on a more comprehensive list.

If you find a need for tools that crafters, craftsmen, and artists can use that are not covered by the woodshop, metalshop,blacksmiths, laser cutter, green way , composites, 3-d printing, electronic, CAD groups maybe we can help. Just let us know and we'll see if it is something we can fit in or make room for.

We have a wooden cabinet called the "MC & AL Tools Center" that was created by Makers Circle & Art Lab participants who modified / re-purposed a large entertainment center. This kicked off the Crafters Cove area, along with our Supply Cabinet, Industrial embroidery machine and two sewing machines.

Our Supply and Fodder Cabinet holds some commonly used supplies and a bunch of Fodder for making things, Fodder is generally donated or found items, materials or other one off supplies which anyone may use. If it's obviously a purchased supplies - please let us know if it's been use it up. We go by fair use rules, it's there for anyone - but if you need to use up all of the purchased supplies - perhaps you should buy more since you should have bought it for your project anyway.

Feel free to explore the supplies and the tools.

However you are asked to:

  • leave things in good clean working order
  • report problems as they occur
  • make note of where you pulled something from so that you can put it back in it's correct place please
  • if you don't know how something works ask or read the manual or tip sheet
  • respect sign - off requirements

Crafters Cove Tools:

RED Tools:


  • Industrial Embroidery Machine
  • Pfaff Embroidery Machines
  • Brother Embroidery Machine
  • Heat Press
  • US Cutter - Lg Vinyl Cutter
  • Silhouette Machines (Cameos & Curio)
  • Stained Glass Cabinet
  • Jewelry Soldering Tools

GREEN Tools:

There are more tools than we can readily list here - however broad categories and a several specifics will be listed.

SCISSORS * Rotary Cutters: Note - please read markings for correct use : General / Paper / Fabric & use accordingly

General Use:

  • hand tools (pliers, screw drivers, utility knives)
  • X-Acto knife, swivel blade, multi blade kits
  • micrometer
  • wig head
  • cutting mats & waste boards
  • parts trays, and sorters
  • paint can key
  • rulers, measuring tapes, eye protection
  • maginfiers
  • task lamps (floor, table top and bench clamp)
  • non-stick craft mats, reusable teflon sheets
  • glue guns
  • mixing bowels and measuring cups - various kitchen/crafting tools that are not food safe anymore
  • electric carving knife for upholstery foam carving
  • but Wait there's moreā€¦


  • Several General use Sewing machines (2 basic newbie, 2 intermediate skills, 2 fancier machines for more advanced sewers)
  • Sergers (2) & 1 that needs work (volunteer?)
  • Knitting & Crochet tools (looms, hooks, needles, tape reader machine)
  • Iron, Ironing pad, ironing board
  • Cutting Templates & Ruler guides for rotary cutting- think quilting
  • mini iron, tack iron & heat crystal application tool
  • various sewing notions

Artists - drawing / painting:

  • Paint brushes & pallets
  • desk top easels
  • lap board for sketching
  • paint sets (watercolor & acrylic)
  • Large floor easel (stored behind the sewing machines)
  • drawing / art supplies (pens, color pencils, crayons, pastels)
  • calligraphy pen set
  • Chinese calligraphy drawing set
  • mini positional / articulated drawing figure

Stained Glass - Lg Black Cabinet in Green Way

  • Glass cutters, nippers, breakers and pliers
  • Soldering irons, foiling tools
  • waffle grids & Stained Glass Studio cutting jigs
  • Grinder & bits
  • lay up boards
  • circle cutter
  • some solder, foil, canes & glass

Leather tools - mostly in leather tools cart

  • mallets
  • tooling punches (various patters)
  • hole punches
  • rotating hole punch
  • grommet pliers
  • punch shapes
  • skiving knife
  • edging tools
  • strip cutter
  • dedicated cutting mat
  • granite slab
  • table top Grommet Press - with various sized pressing dies

Misc Cool Tools

  • Logan Simplex Classic 40 inch Mat Cutter
  • 45 degree free hand bevel mat cutter
  • glass grinder
  • teflon craft sheets (good for messy work - cleanable / re-usable)
  • 2 ft x 2 ft pop up desk top photo studio - includes lights & various color backgrounds
  • Egg Bot
  • Hot wire foam cutter
  • Silk screening tools
  • microscopes (home hobby or grade school use)
  • polymer clay tools
  • silicon molds for soap & acrylic pours
  • wood burning tools
  • hot marks for leather, paper, stencil cutting
  • rotary tool - cordless / charging, and bits set
  • magnifiers (free standing, and head/glasses styles)
  • bottle cutter
  • label maker - raised letter - old school
  • GBC - punch and comb binding machine
  • Laminators
  • Light Box - tracing, checking photos, negatives etc
  • Toaster Ovens - poly clay & shrinky dinks

Paper Crafts

  • Paper trimers
  • scoring board
  • Sizzex & one set of alphabet dies
  • cutting mats
  • embossing tools - various
  • inking brayer
  • decorative edging scissors
  • rubber stamps - various
  • stencils - various
  • hole punches - various
  • corner rounders - various
  • bone folders
  • stapler

Jewelry Making:

  • Tiny Bench forming anvil
  • jewelers saw & some blades
  • Wire Coiling jigs
  • forming blocks and mandrels
  • jewelry pliers
  • one step loopers (1.5 & 3 mm)
  • pearl knotting tool
  • Alphabet metal stamps
  • pick punch
  • plastic ring mandrel & ring sizer set
  • texture hammers
  • chasing hammer
  • rubber mallet
  • dead blow hammer (small)
  • various hammers
  • soldering tool
  • heat embossing tool
  • magnifying visor (set of lenses)
  • bench pins
  • ring clamps
  • small bench clamp / vise
  • magnetic parts tray
  • pickle pot
  • dapping blocks
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