Under Construction. Ask a question if you don't see the answer here and I'll add it. #events on Slack or events@nova-labs.org

How do I schedule an event?

Send an email to events@nova-labs.org with a description of the events and we'll talk about it from there. However, it would be far wiser, if you stop by the lab and spoke to one of the events committee co-chairs about your events and how to make it work in our community. It is not as easy as it looks folks.

Types of Events at Nova Labs: Classes (paid), Meetups (free), Fairs, Markets/Swap Meets, Rentals, Private Meeting, Internal Meeting

Note: If your event requires use of Nova Labs tools

  1. Notify the steward(s) that you will need to use tools for which they are responsible
  2. Have a planning meeting to discuss conditions, tool readiness, an safety concerns to include in the class
  3. Have a volunteer check the equipment status close to the event

Room Rentals

For room rental information contact events@nova-labs.org

Note that whenever possible, the Orange Bay should not be rented. Also note that time periods which overlap with Nova Labs evening events should be avoided.

Room Rental Contract Process

  • Events coordinator (usually the external events lead) discusses the room reservation requirements with the renting organization
  • Events coordinator obtains the contract blank template from the events team drive
  • Document the relevant information in the contact, including:
    1. Agreed upon price and period of contract
    2. Special needs
    3. Safety and due care considerations
    4. Noise considerations
    5. Minor liability form requirements (tools use only)
    6. Minor supervision requirmeents
    7. Rental cabinet included?
    8. Front door access key? How many and when will it be picked up?
    9. AV needs (projector, remote, markers, whiteboard, other accessories or tools)
    10. Nova Labs instructor support needs, if any (this is an agreement between the instructor and the organization unless tools are involved)

How do I pay for my rental online?

Payments are due in advance as soon as possible, usually about 2 weeks before the rental, except where this does not make sense.

Example text: Your room has been tentatively reserved but is not yet confirmed. Please confirm your reservation by paying via the donate button on the website. http://www.nova-labs.org/donate/

  1. Click on the Donate button (yellow)
  2. Enter the amount you have agreed to pay
  3. Click on "Donate with a Debit or Credit card
  4. Click on "Provide more info about your donation"
  5. Type in "RE: Rental Payment for ___" <add the name of your organization or person>
  6. Fill out the rest of the credit card information
  7. (Optional) Events coordinator can email accounting and let them know to expect a rental payment. This should not be necessary if the memo field on the payment is used properly with the accounting code.
  8. IMPORTANT: please email a copy of the receipt that is emailed to you to events@nova-labs.org so I can confirm the reservation

NOTE: We also accept payments via Paypal at accounting@nova-labs.org.

Group Programs

Does Nova Labs pay for materials for the class?

The student should pay for the materials cost, not Nova Labs and not the instructor, as it should be built into the class fee. NL should not need to reimburse you directly for materials as it’s already built into the cost—so no more receipts, etc., it’s easier for everyone.

Why should I report materials for my class?

The only reason we separate materials costs out on the Instructorform is so that you aren’t taxed on that amount for income (assuming you’re itemizing). Thus, if you bought materials for your class, report it on the form.

How do I get an event on the calendar?

The correct process for moving an event is to send an email to events@nova-labs.org. - Add what you know so far to your event email. If you are not sure of the details, send your event/class idea and get a bit of mentorship - An automated system has been tried and failed for this process. That's because most people need mentoring. I submit our full calendar and our success as evidence that this process works. - If you know exactly what you want to do, send the date, time, and details of your request - A placeholder is possible but can be bumped

If you have rights as events host on meetup, please, please DO NOT create events without permission of the events team. You are not supposed to have this permission, but this has been changed by meetup for the class of people. I'm going to wait and see if it is corrected before adjusting who has this permission. A situation where 35 people can throw up an event is not one I'd like to relive. In fact, it was several new events that appeared that alerted me to this new change. Please, I beg you to not create contention by putting things up there or moving your events around. That is something that I have worked hard to keep at a minimum.

How do I Move or Cancel my Event?

The correct process for moving an event is to send an email to events@nova-labs.org. The correct process for deleting an event is to cancel it, but leave it on the calendar, then notify events@nova-labs.org. This is really critical if there may be refund requests.

Disclaimer: Instructors and stewardship coordinators are permitted to cancel an event, in addition to Events (events@nova-labs.org). However, whoever cancels an event shall take the following actions prior to cancelling an event in meetup: Notify the attendees of event cancellation via the “Contact attendees” feature in meetup for the event and provide instructions to the attendees for submitting a refund request using the Events Refund Request form (https://www.nova-labs.org/events-refund-contact/).

It is recommended, as a courtesy to attendees, that whoever cancels an event, whether an instructor, stewardship coordinator, or Events, that the person submit a completed refund request form on behalf of the attendees and inform the attendees of the refund request submission.

How do I schedule a class?

Events process:

  1. Attend Green Orientation
  2. Get the shop or area steward or events team member approval to be an instructor and also for the material/slides/wiki page
  3. Select a date at least 1.5 to 2 weeks in advance so makers have time to discover your class and sign up
  4. If you need Classroom A or B, do not pick a Wednesday
  5. Times: Usually 6:30 to 7pm weekdays, 2pm weekends, I do not recommend Saturdays or weekday mornings)
  6. Determine how many students you can safely and comfortably handle
  7. Determine how many hours your class will take (2–3 hours is a good target)
  8. Send a friendly email to the friendly volunteers at ​events@nova-labs.org with the following:
    1. your requested date(s) and time(s)
    2. #of students
    3. Special resources needed, questions
    4. Proposed detail description
    5. A good marketing picture. Up to 3 .jpg pics.
    6. MeetupID and Full name as it appears on meetup
    7. Nova-labs.org userID so I can check you meet our sign off requirements
    8. Pre-requisties
    9. Safety clothing (say standard text for area if you don't have special requirements)

We recommend, but do not require slides. A wiki page depicting the agenda, resources, etc is also highly recommended but not required. Note that some stewards may require both and events works with the stewards closely.

  1. Respond promptly to all followup email and we work with you to plan, market, and have a great event
  2. After class, submit the Instructor Incentive Form for reimbursement

Class Catalogue/Class Codes

Ad Hoc Training for Experienced Makers

Ad Hoc training is where the instructor teaches a student one-on-one. This is done only under very special circumstances when approved by the steward. This training option is reserved for experienced makers only.

Payments for Ad Hoc Training

  1. Before class, ask the maker to pay using one of our payment methods in the following order of preference:
  2. Members ONLY: Login to nova-labs.org, click on My Accounts, then Accounting tab. Use the One-Time_Payment option. Reason for payment is Other then enter "WW:<Sign Off Name> Ad Hoc <date>" Note: Payment will hit your credit card on you member aniversary, not immediately.
  3. Use their own Paypal to send a payment to accounting@nova-labs.org. Add Reason for payment is Other then enter "WW:<Sign off name> Ad Hoc <date>" 
  4. Go to nova-labs.org, click on the Donate tab.

Click on the yellow Donate button. Enter Cost of Class.

Click on Donate with a Credit Card
Click on "Provide more info about your donation:"  Type in the class code, name, and date
Example: "WW:<Sign off name> Ad Hoc <date>" Enter credit card information to pay. 
Enter credit card information
Click on Donate Now
A receipt will be sent to your email immediately
- If anyone needs a receipt, then there is a receipt book in the front desk brown cubbies.

Any Event food recommenations?

Food: (Ask for delivery or we'd be happy to pick it up for you)

Cafe Sano, Phone: (703) 391-2100 Menu: https://www.cafesano.com/catering/

Santinis, https://mysantinis.com/catering/ Phone: (703) 481-3333

Chef on Wheels, Phone: (571) 665-5174 Menu: https://www.chefonwheelsva.com/menu

Brown Bag, Phone: (571) 665-5455 Menu: brownbagonline.com

Willard BBQ in Reston is maker favorite. https://www.dcbbq.com/

The Deli in Herndon does 20 foot subs and platters: http://www.thedeliva.com/home.html

Chipotle in Reston using DoorDash. Chipotle is actually a huge hit. Suggest the 3 meats option.

We have worked with Joe's Pizzeria in Sterling. We got the Baked Ziti (2 types), salad, garlic bread, and a few pizzas for a very nice price there. There were many compliments and an abundance of food for the low price we paid. (Ask if they will deliver to Reston)

Taco Bama's in Vienna is well worth in for innovative Mexican: https://www.tacobamba.com/menus/

And you can never go wrong with pizza. For our member meetings, we make it a bit special with Gregorios Trattoria which serves many different types of interesting flavors. http://www.gregoriostrattoria.com/main-menu/ Pizza Hut is right across the road though and they deliver. Address: 1821 Wiehle Ave, Reston, VA 20190. You must order online overnight for very large orders! Recommend you calculate based on the Large pizza with 8 slices. Get enough for 2-3 slices per person.

Note: We do have the buffer warming pans, serving spoons, burners, plates, cups, silverware here, but some restaurants will include those as part of the order so be sure to ask.

Don't forget your vegetarians!

Key Members ONLY: Free Room Reservations for private meetings

A key-member only benefit is the ability to reserve any sized room for a private meeting. By default, such meetings are private and NL members may not attend unless stated otherwise. Frequency should be reasonable. Reasonable is undefined, is based on common sense, and is at the discretion of the events team. The goal is to say yes to your request unless it interferes with other events or makers.

  1. Reservations: events@nova-labs.org
  2. Key members may also use the room if it is unscheduled without a reservation, however, a reservation must take priority. Please check the schedule (including the calendar notes), before using a room.
  3. If asked to leave a room that you do not have reserved, please exit graciously.

Sample email regarding this: Good news. The room is available on Friday, August 24, 7-9:30pm.

Stipulations/events guidance:;

  1. Key Members (who is a legitimate member of your organization) may sponsor a private event at Nova Labs as long as they are here during the event. There is no charge since this is a key member benefit. The event topic must be relevant to our mission, but does not have to be an open event.
  2. If a private event is not sponsored, then there is a charge. Price of the rental is negotiated with the events team and is based on a board approved pricing, however, the team is given discretion to vary the charge based on the entity's ability to pay and NL's goals/mission.

Caution: rooms remain available and can be booked by others up to and until a FIRM reservation request is received by events@nova-labs.org. An inquiry about a room availability is not a firm reservation so availability may change if we do not hear back from you in a timely manner.

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