Use this page as a guide for all events at Nova Labs!

Steps for creating an event are:

  1. Contact
  2. Events require a sponsoring Nova Labs Key Member or Events Chair permission.

Event Types

A Class is a lecture or instructional session.

  • Held in Classrooms only.
  • Hosted by an Associate or Full Member.
  • Full Member must sponsor the event, responsible for the space reservation, financial collection and reporting.
  • A Full Member may reserve a Classroom up to 2 separate days per week, not to exceed more than 4 hours each day.
  • Classes receive priority to Group reservations.

A Group Meeting is an informal gathering of people.

A Common Area is a space available to members.

  • The Orange Bay should always be open to Members, etc.
  • The conference rooms may be reserved by Members for Classes or Group Meetings.
  • The conference rooms may also be used for adhoc meetings by Members when not reserved.
  • A common area should facilitate Making! Acceptable example activities include soldering, sewing, and speech.
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