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Some people call Equipment - "Tools" . Both terms are acceptable

Definition of Equipment

Equipment most commonly refers to a set of tools or other objects commonly used to achieve a particular objective. Different jobs require different kinds of equipment.

Index of Equipment / Tools at Nova Labs

Equipment Wish List

Look on this page for wanted equipment. If you have something to collocate or donate, use the existing entries to mark your item(s).

After donating or collocating a complex item, add an item page to track maintenance and other useful information. Use an existing item page as an example. Duct tape doesn't need an item page, a laser cutter does.


Couch and table(s)

  • Requested (1+)


  • Travis donated 12 stackable chairs
  • Travis donated 8 stackable arm chairs

Folding tables

  • 4 x 8' and 2 x 4' - Travis
  • 6' folding, if wanted - Joey


  • Nikolai donated a few IKEA Tertial


  • Framed white with tray - Travis, eraser, markers
  • I have a couple more small whiteboards to contribute -Jason

Sturdy workbenches

  • Nikolai donated time and money for 4+ benches

Sturdy wooden "Kitchen" table

  • Keith donated 1 with 6 matching chairs

Paper cutter

  • Requested (1)

Printer paper

  • Requested (5+ reams)

3 Hole punch

  • Requested (1)




  • Two shelf sets installed by Matt and others in back room and storage room

Storage Bins

File Cabinets

Free standing shelves

  • Ted donated a half size metal shelf
  • 5 metal shelf sets obtained from woodbridge via craigslist in March.- ted



  • Jeremy has my brother's intel platform codename Foxcove system - 16 core (4 quad cores) server. It could use additional ram/hd space, which I'm willing to find (Colocate only though, silicon is engineering sample, if found in the wild, he, the company he used to work for, etc could be in some hot water!) )


  • Sun Ultra 10 workstation if needed - Keith)
  • Palantir donated 25 Dell machines, which would make good workstations or servers

keyboards / mice

  • Jason has a bunch of keyboards and mice, we will still need monitors


  • Keith can see if AOL is willing to donate some old computers or LCDs especially if we get 501c3 status


  • Travis colo 1 (projector and screen)

Server Rack

  • Jason colo 1

Laser printer

Network ready or with network print server

Network print server

  • Keith donated 1 Parallel port print server in back room with all the computer gear

Ink Jet Printer

  • Keith donated 1 of each HP 820C, 890C, 1000C-wide, 1200C-wide



  • Palantir donated a SonicWall controller with 6 or 8 access points

Relay Rack

  • Jason has one, possibly two

Patch Panels

  • Jason

Cable Management

  • Jason


  • Jason has a couple. Better (managed) ones would be nice

cat5 cable

  • Jason donated plenty and then some

Keystone wall plates

  • Jason donated many and then some

Keystone cat5 jacks

  • Jason donated enough and then some

Keystone blanks

  • Jason donated a sufficient amount .. and then some


Extension ladder

  • Requested (1)


  • Justin donated 1

Duct tape

  • Requested (5+ rolls)

Painter's blue tape

  • Requested (5+ rolls)

Lava soap / Shop soap / Gojo orange soap

  • Requested (2+ containers)


  • Ted colo 2
  • Nikolai can donate one!
  • Jason can donate one

Power strips

  • Requested (3+)
  • Jason donated a few

Paper towels

  • Requested (by the pack)

Toilet paper

  • Requested (by the pack)

Extension cords

  • Requested (3+)

mini Fridge

  • Richard colo 1

Coffee/tea maker

  • I have an old one to donate -Jason

George Foreman Grill

  • Only used for food … so far -Keith

Weber propane grill

  • Nikolai - if contract/landlord allows

Clothes Iron

  • for Iron-On etching stencils, etc -Keith

Pots, Pans, etc

  • I recall molecular gastronomy discussion on RS mailing list -Keith

Shop Vac

  • Jason donated 1


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