TOO-103 Table Saw Safety and Basic Usage Orientation

Nova Labs Class# TOO-103


The table saw is one of the most-used woodworking tools but it is also one of the most dangerous tools at Nova Labs. Because of this all members must qualify to use this tool by successfully completing this class.

Basic orientation to the wood shop table saw. Covers basic operations along with specific safety information related to table saw usage. Focus is on operating a table saw in a safe and productive manner while ensuring our equipment is not subject to damage or undue wear.



* Classroom Discussions

  • Safety
    • Why are Power Tools Dangerous?
      • Kick Back
        • Major Causes of Kick Back
        • Simple Rules for Avoiding Kick Back and Accidental Contact with the Blade
        • Guards, Splitters, Riving Knife
  • Introduction
  • Usages
    • Common Table Saw Cuts/Operations
      • Rip Cuts
      • Cross Cuts
      • Miter Cuts
      • Bevel Rip Cuts
      • Bevel Miter Cuts
      • Dado Cuts
      • Groove Cutting
      • Tapered Rip Cuts
      • Rabbet Cuts
      • Plunge Cutting / Blind Cutting
  • Safety
    • Apparel Awareness - No gloves, loose fitting clothing/hair, or jewelry
    • Eye and Hearing protection
    • Dust collection
    • Unplug before making any setup changes
    • Hand Placement & Body Position
    • Safety Devices
      • Push Sticks
      • Feather Boards
  • Technique and Hands-on
    • Rip Cuts
    • Cross Cuts using Sled
    • Miter Cuts using Miter Gauge
    • Bevel Rip Cuts
    • Rabbet Cutting (Optional)
    • Changing Blade (Optional)
    • Dado Cuts (Optional)
    • Groove Cutting (Optional)
    • Rabbet Cutting Revisited (Optional)

Upload presentations from the class session Class Presentation from Month Day, Year

Curriculum - 1-7-13 Woodshop Steward Meeting

(PDF of whiteboard available soon) Small class: 3-4 students

  • Respect the tool (dangers, failure modes)
    • Be calm and patient, even if you're experiencing kickback. Smooth is safe, smooth is fast.
  • Physics of Cutting
    • Power, RPM, Momentum, kickback, splitter, fence alignment
  • Checklist
    • blade angle / bevel cut
    • throat plate
    • blade type
    • fence alignment
    • router bit
  • Controls
    • key, power
    • angle, height
    • dust collection
  • Blade Change
    • blade types
    • demo
  • Safety items
    • throat plate
    • push stick
    • feather-board
    • sled
    • wood only
  • Rip cut demo
    • position
    • push stick / block
    • infeed/outfeed rollers
  • Sheet goods
    • consider circular saw
    • push into the fance
    • consider sled
  • Crosscut
    • consider miter saw
    • x-cut guide
    • sled
    • repeatable cuts (stops)
  • Angled cuts
    • bevel cuts
    • meter cuts
  • Competence test (make something)
    • precise cutting - 23"sq (or something like that)


Gordon Crago

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