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Event Classification Codes

Codes are referred to as accounting codes because they are used by the finance teams to categorize events. Codes can be combined since multi-disciplined classes are of high value to the community. These codes are especially significant since they are used to unlock budgets for shops and programs at Nova Labs by allocating a percentage of the aggregated dollars to the teams for new purchases and upgrades to their shops and programs.

Location Codes
Code Shop or Program Wild Apricot Tag
3D 3D Printing3d-printing
AC Arts and Crafts, Graphic Artsarts-and-crafts
AV Audio Visual Studioaudio-visual
BL Blacksmithingblacksmithing
CS Composites, plastics, moldingcomposites
DR Drones
EL Electronics, soldering, Arduino electronics
EN Entrepreneurship and Promaking
EV General Events organized by the events team such as programming, CAD, modeling, general events, Security, IT, Cybersecurity, hacking, Locksmithing
GO Green Orientation, Membercare activitiesgreen-orientation
LC Laser Cutter, Thermoforminglaser-cutting
MW Metal Workingmetalworking
MS Makerschool
MX Mixed Mediamixed-media
RE Room Rental Fees Paid for Events
RO Youth Robotics
SO Nova Labs centric social events such as roundups and partiescommunity
SA Sales of computers, soda, and other items at the front desk
ST STEAM, kids events
SL SLA Printer3d-printing
TS The Studio, including the Projects Classroomthe-studio
WW Woodworkingwoodworking
Educational Levels *note that use is not encouraged
Code Meaning
100 level Introductory - No prior knowledge required
200 level Intermediate - Prior knowledge required, some topics will be reviewed
300 level Advanced - Prior knowledge required on multiple subjects, not usually reviewed
Paid Class TypesUse only with paid events
Code Meaning
P A project is completed by each student either separately or together; open office hours
S single tool or tool type sign off class
M Multiple tool types in one sign off class
G Class uses Gas which is subsidized by Nova Labs
Required key words in class naming scheme, use where applicable only
Key words Meaning
Sign off Sign off
(Online) Online only
(Online or In-place) Hybrid
(Members-only) Restricted to current paying members
Open Office Hours Open Office Hours
Schema = shopcode+toolgroup_manufacturername_toolname (tool group is optional and is the first letter of the toolname)
If Safety is used in the toolname, this designates that the person is NOT authorized to use the tool independently
If information is unknown or not applicable, use NA as a filler
Code Meaning
WWY Woodshop Yellow tool grouping
WWB Woodshop Bandsaw sign off tool grouping
MWS Metalworking Sheet Metal sign off grouping
MWY Metalshop Yellow sign off grouping
MXA Mixed Media Shop Advanced tools
MXB Mixed Media Shop Basic tools

OLD Active Course Catalog

Cat Num Title Instructor(s) Topics Covered
ELE-101 Basic Soldering Skills Brian J. Introduction to soldering (hands-on)
ELE-320 Advanced Skills Soldering Bob C. Proper techniques, common practices, tools involved, build an SMT kit (hands-on)
ELE-101 Arduino 101 Jennyfer Orientation, IDE, simple hands-on with hardware, breadboard, and basic electronics circuits
ELE-102 Arduino 102 Temp / Humid Display Need Instructor, Ted Build an Arduino-based temperature and humidity display (hands-on)
PRG-104 Google SketchUp Need Instructor, Ted Surface modeling, applications, capturing your mind's eye, using the software (navigation), manipulating your model
PRG-105 Cadsoft EAGLE Bob C. Navigating the software, automation, devices, your library, capturing schematics (EDA), board layout, trace routing, shortcuts
PRG-107 Fusion 360 CNC CAM Mike Hoyer HSMworks, a powerful CAM package
PRG-108 CAM 101 Vcarve Instructor needed Learn to use Vcarve to run a CNC machine
TOO-100 Laser Cutter 101 Safety Training Patrick T Hands-on safety training and sign-off
TOO-101 Woodworking:Router Intro Jeff Safety training, sign-off and usage on handheld router for woodworking. Includes hands-on time and a take-home project.
TOO-102 Learn about Handheld Woodworking Power Tools Ka-Loon Safety training and sign-off on the handheld woodworking power tools as listed
TOO-103 Table Saw Safety and Basic Usage Ka-Loon Safety training and sign-off on table saw
TOO-104 Lathe 101: An Introduction to Woodturning Norm Introduction to woodturning and safety training on the lathe
TOO-105 Bandsaw Safety Training Frank S Introduction to bandsaw, safety training and sign-off
TOO-106 Woodworking with Yellow Tools Woodshopcowboy Safety training and sign-off on Yellow tools as listed
TOO-107 Woodworking:Split-Top Bench Woodshopcowboy Safety training and sign-off on Red tools as listed
TOO-108 Woodworking:Make a Cutting Board Woodshopcowboy Safety training and sign-off on Yellow and Red tools as listed
TOO-109 Woodworking for Young and Old Woodshopcowboy Make a Japanese toolbox. Safety training and sign-off on Yellow and Red tools as listed
TOO-110 Intro to Vinyl Cutting Zack Borschuk Yellow training sign-off. Learn how to convert an image for use on the vinyl cutter and usage of the vinyl cutter along with sign off on the cutter
TOO-111 Intro to 3D Scanning Zack Borschuk Orientation, hardware explanation, calibration, scanning, scan clean up, scan export
TOO-112 Metal Shop Yellow Session Mike Hoyer Introduction to Yellow level metal tools and safety training
TOO-114 Introduction to Metal Lathe MIke Youman Introduction to Metal Lathe, safety training and sign-off
TOO-201 Matsura Tiger Safety and Orientation - Advanced Metal CNC Machining Daniel Schnieder basics of operating the Matsuura CNC Mill, safety training and sign-off
TOO-115 Thermoforming 101 Eric Kervina Introduction to thermoformer, safety training and sign-off
TOO-116 Vertical Mill 101 Mike Hoyer Introduction to the Vertical Mill, safety training and sign-off
TOO-117 Welding 101 Mike Hogarty Proper techniques for MIG, common practices, tools involved, Prereq: Metal shop Yellow
TOO-118 3d Printing 101 Paul Chase safety signoff on all of our 3d printers
TOO-119 Vinyl Cutter 101 Paul Chase safety signoff on Graphic arts tools, vinyl cutter and heat press
TOO-120 ShopSabre CNC 101 Zack Borschuk Safety signoff for supervised usage of the ShopSabre CNC

Maker Wish List

Cat Num Title Who is planning it? Topics Covered
WSH-101 Programming Python, Perl, Ruby, Lua, Bash, Javascript, PHP, C, C++, Scheme, Cocoa, Lisp
WSH-102 Network Monitoring Wireshark and friends, IDS, admin
WSH-103 Zoneminder Lab Setup, Camera Types, Functions, Zones, Filters, Remote Viewing, etc.
WSH-104 Availability and Performance Monitoring Nagios and RRD - capabilities, setup, basic usage
WSH-201 Reversing Executables, Protocols
WSH-202 Embedded Systems Programming
WSH-203 Woodworking - Chair Start with materials, end with an inexpensive and usable chair
WSH-204 Electronics - Das blinken LED Start with a kit of parts, end with a usable widget
WSH-205 Electronics - Etch a PCB Start with a kit of parts, end with a usable widget
WSH-105 Digital Circuits Logic Gates, transistors, combinational logic, Karnough Maps
WSH-106 Power Systems P=VI, relays, converters, rectifiers, switching, regulation
WSH-107 Microcontrollers OP Codes, Instruction Sets, Power and Buffering, Testing, Various MCs
WSH-108 Ham Radio
WSH-109 LED Lighting
WSH-110 Electroluminescent Lighting
WSH-111 Intro to RFID and Arduino
WSH-206 Fundamentals of Electronics: AC analysis By request, an intro to RFID processing with Arduinos, following this book
WSH-112 Chassis and drive train Wheels, treads, support structures, assembly conventions, center-of-gravity
WSH-113 End-effector / manipulator Solving a problem, choosing the best approach, design considerations
WSH-207 Controls systems Identifying the best design, planning the setup, suppliers, common practices, non-ratsnest wiring
WSH-114 Silk Screen Printing
WSH-115 T-shirts
WSH-116 More woodworking project classes Boxes? Candleholders? Magnetic Knife strips? Address numbers? Hanging plant basket? Planter? I kinda like the idea of smaller projects that take an hour or two because they are easier to fit into schedules. I liked the bench class, but it was a whole day.
WSH-117 Basic app development on iPhone and android
WSH-118 Sign making Carved painted wooden exterior house sign with numbers and street name using either woodshop tools or laser or both. Maybe a mixed media with some blacksmithing elements?
WSH-119 3D Modeling Software Intro What software is available, agnostic techniques for designing
WSH-120 3D Modeling: "Fusion 360" How to use "Fusion 360" or any other software that does 3D modeling
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