The NOVA Labs board of director positions are defined in 3 classes with staggered terms (Class I, Class II, and Class III).

Terms for each position are for 3 years. Terms expire at the Annual Meeting of Board of Directors, held in October or November, in the 3rd year of the term. The current slate of board positions are listed below, including vacant positions and years in which each term expires.

Class Director Expires
I Brian Jacoby 2020
I Sam Aparicio 2020
I Margaret Kositch 2020
I Marybeth Haneline 2020
I Mona Shah 2020
II Daryl Peace 2021
II Jeff Spugnardi 2021
II Karen Shumway 2021
II Shane Smith 2021
III Jim Girardi 2022

Nova Labs Officers

Officers serve a 1 year term. The current officers are as follows:

President: Sam Aparicio
Vice President-Operations: Jim Girardi
Vice President-Partnerships: Daryl Peace
Secretary: Karen Shumway
Treasurer: Margaret Kositch
Assistant Treasurer: Mona Shah

Governance Documents

Meeting Minutes

(Please keep the newest minutes at the top of the list)

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Member Meeting Minutes
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