3d Printing at Nova Labs!

The Nova Labs 3d Printing Group grew out of the NOVARRG!! folks, the NOrthern VIrginia RepRap Group. Amongst other things, we make RepRap (http://reprap.org/) and RepStrap 3d printers. A RepRap is a REPlicating RAPid prototyper - literally a 3d printer that is capable of printing another 3d printer! A RepStrap is a RepRap that uses precision tools OTHER than a 3d printer - in our case we use Nova Labs' Hurricane Charley Laser Cutter. Most importantly, all RepRaps and RepStraps are Open Source Hardware.

Community Printers

Nova Labs has quite a few 3D printers available for members, associates and attendees to use. There are three types of usage:

Supervised Usage

Anyone is welcome to enjoy supervised use of the community printers during the Monday evening 3D printer meetups. These are somewhat limited in time, and preference will be given to folks who've signed up on meetup beforehand. Prints must be small enough to complete that evening.

Unsupervised Usage

Unsupervised use is available to any guest, associate or key member who has taken both the Green Orientation and the 3D Printer Sign Off.

The 3D Printing 101 slides are available if you need a refresher :-) And some checklists: 3D Printer Checklists

Unattended Usage

  • Key members may run prints overnight, unattended, provided they fill out the 3D Printer Log.
  • Associates and even guests may enjoy this privilege as well provided that they have a Key Member who can vouch for their print.
    • The Key should check the print and slice, and ensure a reasonable chance of success - i.e. print is not taller than printer.

Nova Labs 3D printers are protected from catastrophe with safeties and watchdogs in their firmware, as well as an emergency backup fire suppression system.

Who are your community printers?

We have several types of printer, all of whom are named.

All printers may print PLA, PETG, TPU and ABS unless otherwise noted.

Filled filaments (woodfill, brassfill, glow-in-the-dark, NylonX, carbon-fiber filled) may only be printed on the Nova 300, because it includes a hardened nozzle.

3D Printing 101 slides 3D Printer Checklists

3D Printing filament at Nova Labs is supported by membership dues, but if you're planning to utilize them extensively or making large prints, a donation is appreciated.

3d Printer Build Groups!

Many Nova Labs members have built their own printers - the build group supplies a kit, and helps with assembly, upgrades and upkeep.

Nova Labs Prusa I3

This is the current latest and greatest Nova Labs Build Group printer, based off of Josef Prusa's I3, with local mods by Paul Chase.


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